Complaints List  describes itself as “an interactive computer service where the general public and customers of businesses can submit complaints, reviews, or reports about a company, business, or person that has mistreated them in any way.” And, the about page claims that the site was started in 2011 due to an increase in the number of businesses attempting to “take advantage of consumers through false advertising, bait and switch, and generally poor or questionable business practices.”

While this characterization of the online environment is questionable, the site has nevertheless operated as a web portal where users are free to post their reviews and perceptions of experiences working with businesses and individuals. The site touts the “equalizing power of the Internet” and boasts that the site has been constructed in a way that a single complaint will become available for all of the world to see.

While the site certainly proceeds with laudable and commendable intentions, there are numerous problems with the site’s approach to providing a voice to consumers. The site does not verify reports and malicious posters can use the site’s visibility to inflict significant damage to a person or business. If you or business are being targeted or attacked with false reports and reviews on websites such as, an Internet defamation removal lawyer may be able to fight for you.

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Complaints List

Who Can Be Named and Reported on covers a broad array of subject matter. While the site may have started and focused on consumer complaints, it now covers significantly more areas. provides submission forms where individuals can report complaints against brick and mortar businesses as well as online businesses and websites. The site also allows submitters to complain about reckless drivers and general complaints about individuals. The complaints about individuals are probably some of the most controversial posts on the site due to reviewers’ propensity to accuse others of crimes, cheating, sexual improprieties and having STDs. The site also allows for the reporting of communications an individual has received including phone calls, text messages and e-mails.

Being falsely reported on a site like can cause significant amounts of damage to one’s reputation. An individual who is attacked on the site can result in lost friendships or damage to one’s professional reputation. It is not uncommon for personal attacks to cause a great deal of anxiety for a person. They may feel that the 24/7 nature of the Internet means that they are being attacked constantly and everywhere they may travel.

Businesses that are defamed on a site like, can face increased difficulty in attracting new customers, new talent for the business and can have significant effects on a company’s bottom-line. Furthermore, existing clients may choose to end their relationship with the company.

Issues with’s Approach to Crowd Sourced

One of the biggest problems with’s approach to user-submitted complaints is the fact that the site does not require verified information or an account before making a complaint. While the site does require the submitter to provide certain information, the information is not typically verified or linked to a social profile. This means that it is reasonably easy for a malicious user to spam the site with false reports and complaints that cast an individual or business in a disparaging light.

Problems with the Site’s Approach to Content Removal

Individuals who attempt to work with the site without working through an attorney or other intermediary are generally presented with two options to deal with the online defamation. The first option is perhaps the most troublesome. The site does offer an option to file a disputeregarding false complaints, however, it will not even consider a dispute unless the disputing party pays a fee of nearly $500. The site also offers the option of responding to user-submitted complaints, however, the same concerns regarding a lack of authentication of identities exist. This means a malicious individual could theoretically also post false responses to a negative review.

Work With Aggressive Online Defamation Removal Lawyers

If your company or reputation have been attacked online, doing nothing is not an option. However, meeting the challenges presented by online defamation in a strategic manner can make all the difference regarding its effect and spread. Aaron Minc, an Internet defamation removal lawyer at Meyers, Roman, Friedberg and Lewis LPA, can work with you to address the problem by removing the online attacks. To schedule a confidential consultation call us at (216) 373-7706 or contact us online.