Topix is a long-standing player in the online news arena. However, the site has undergone an array of revisions and changes over the year. While Topix originally focused on serving users as a content aggregator and provided new and article curation, it no longer engages in these activities. Furthermore, Topix used to have a volunteer new team and then, for a time, focused on creating a community news platform. However, in 2015, Topix moved to a new model that focused on content creation rather than content aggregation.

Now, Topix allows users to create their own forums where nearly any topic can be discussed. Topix also offers local forums where issues of local interest can be discussed. Topix permits users to create web polls to push poll or to sway views or gauge interest. Topix also permits users to comment on breaking news stories directly below an article snippet. However, many users instead use these potentially valuable forums and resources for their own ends to attack and defame other users.


If you have been attacked in a Topix forum post or in a Topix post with false and defamatory information, you do not have to stand by idly. The Internet defamation removal attorneys of Meyers Roman Friedberg & Lewis, LPA can work to remove the post. We guarantee removal or we will return your fee. To schedule a free and confidential online defamation removal consultation call us at (216) 831-0042 or contact us online today.

Will Topix Remove Defamatory Posts and Personal Attacks from Its Website and Forums?

While Topix does have a terms of service and a removal policy, the exact reasons and standards Topix uses to guide these removals is, unfortunately, buried in legalese. Furthermore, whether they will remove a particular post can only be answered on a case-by-case basis dependent on the content, accusations, and other information included in the post. Furthermore, if you wish to take any future action against the person who may have posted libelous, or defamatory, materials the site will not assist you with the claim. Furthermore, a removal request completed before evidence is preserved may complicate or foreclose your ability to bring a lawsuit against your defamer. Therefore, when facing online defamation, it is typically prudent to work with an experienced attorney who understands these issues and will take them into consideration when pursuing removal of the offending post.

Topix is typically responsive to a number of types of offending content. For instance, Topix will remove content violating copyright through a DMCA takedown request. Topix will also remove illegal content including child pornography and revenge porn. Revenge porn is illegal in most, but not all, states. Furthermore, Topix’s TOS states:

We may remove any content for any reason, but we are not responsible for any failure or delay in removing any content.

Thus, while Topix may take action regarding your removal request, the likelihood of timely action is much greater if the request is based on specific evidence and shown to meet the legal definition of a wrongful act like defamation. An Internet defamation removal attorney can often accomplish these goals for a victim of online defamation.


Who Can I Hold Liable for the Defamation?

Many people want to know who they can hold liable for defamation that harms their business activities or standing in the community. People often ask whether they can hold the site where the information was posted liable. Unfortunately for people who have been victimized online, a lawsuit against a site like Topix is not an option. This is because Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act grants broad immunity to the service providers of user-generated content.

While a law of this type is often difficult for victims of defamation to accept, it provides protections conceptually similar to other carriers of information such as cable system operators and the phone operator. In these cases, you would generally pursue the content creator rather than the neutral platform or technology that enabled the writer, speaker, or broadcaster to project their message. However, the individual who made the defamatory post can always be held responsible for their words and their consequences.

Put the Experience of internet Defamation Removal Lawyers to Work for You

If you have been defamed in the Topix community or user forums, you don’t have to suffer the anxiety, anger, fear, and other negative consequences that can result. Furthermore, if you have suffered loss of clients or other negative consequences due to the defamation you may wish to hold the other party liable for your losses. To schedule a free and confidential consultation with the experienced defamation removal lawyers of Meyers Roman Friedberg & Lewis, LPA call us at (216) 831-0042 or contact us online today.