is a web site that is intended to identify people who cheat and are not faithful in their relationships. The site claims that it is “A Place to Report Cheaters.” The website’s homepage states that the proper way to use the site is “to report a cheating husband or wife, to find out if your boyfriend or girlfriend is cheating, or even to check out your date before finding yourself with a cheater.” Thus, the site seems to imply that the information posted by users is accurate and should be used to make important decisions regarding your marriage or dating relationship.

Unfortunately, a brief scan of the some of the “Random Cheater Reports” calls into question the veracity of many of these posting. Many postings do not deal in facts, but merely accuse others of being a “criminal”, a “drug addict”, “manipulating alcohol addict”, and other negative classifications. Other posts make accusations of prostitution and other criminal behaviors. In any case, many of these reports are not so much warnings as much as they are simple name-calling.

Unfortunately, even questionable accusations that impugns one’s morals or character can have damaging social and professional consequences. But, the online harassment doesn’t have to continue. Contact the internet defamation removal attorneys of Meyers Roman Friedberg & Lewis, LPA. We guarantee the removal of the offending content from or the offending website. For a free consultation call us at (216) 373–7706.


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Online Defamation Can Occur at User-Generated Content Sites

While user-generated content sites can bring us useful and rewarding sites like Facebook, Reddit, and others, there is a dark side to giving people an amplified voice while simultaneously giving at least the appearance of anonymity. Unfortunately, appears to fall into this pattern. The site permits an individual to post a report about an alleged cheater, but it does not take steps to identify the poster or to verify that the information in the post is accurate. In fact, users are free to submit a report about anyone or anything merely by typing in a post title and post comments. Furthermore, the site also allows users to attach photos. Such functionality can be easily abused to post images that were intended to be private to humiliate or to embarrass.

Furthermore, the site also encourages social sharing of posts. While in some cases this feature could be used legitimately, it is open to abuse. Users can easily submit their reports with a few clicks of the mouse to sites selected by These sites are Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Unfortunately the site’s approach to concerned individuals who are being defamed leaves much to be desired. While the site does indeed receive broad protections for the user-generated posts on the site under Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, individual posters do not receive such protections. Even still it is disappointing to see the site lack a responsive procedure to remove content writing that:

All posts in the site are the opinion of their authors, we do not represent that any information is true, use your own discretion. Also, do not threaten us, deal with the person who posted. If you threaten us, we will post your threats. If you contact our service providers, we will find out and will let our audience discuss you openly (there are hundreds of web hosting companies, do you really think that you can keep us down?) We value First Amendment rights.

The site does participate with a single “arbitration service” but when one clicks through to the site, the arbitration company has a very bare bone and seemingly unfinished website. Furthermore, it is not clear as to what is the company’s relationship to the service it offers. In some copy, the site promises to “convince the arbitrator to recommend removal” and yet it also refers to the arbitration as “[The company’s] post-arbitration program.” If the company is running the arbitration program while offering guaranteed removal fees, there is a clear conflict of interest. If the site is merely providing representation for some other neutral arbitration process, then’s attempts to limit your choice of representation in such an arbitration to this company that it apparently holds a special relationship with is wholly inappropriate. Concerned parties should always be free to have the choice of his or her representation in an arbitrated or litigated matter. In any case, it is a cause for concern and a potential stumbling block for any individual attempting to get false and defamatory posts removed from the site.

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While there are some potential legitimate uses for a site like, this site is also easily abused by people who merely wish to embarrass or humiliate others with false or defamatory content. The lack of verifying or even requiring a user identity before submitting a report increases the chances that the site will be used by people for improper and defamatory purposes. To discuss how the internet defamation removal attorneys of Meyers Roman Friedberg & Lewis, LPA can help stop the online abuse, call (216) 373–7706 or contact us online. If we are unable to remove the false and defamatory content from you will receive your money back. To schedule a free, no-obligation initial consultation call (216) 373-7706 or schedule a meeting online.