The Internet allows for nearly every connected individual to have theoretically, a global voice. Some people even develop user-generated content portals, with the best intention, to provide others with a platform to express their voice and views.

An example of this type of websites are platforms where users are encouraged to expose bad behavior and cheating by boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands and wives. While there is a multitude of websites of this type, is popular and attracts reports from many individuals.

Unfortunately, even sites that are founded with good intentions can go awry. While the site is premised on the fact that users will be truthful and accurate in their reporting, the simple fact is that people can end up lying for a variety of reasons.

Consider a situation where a jealous rival attempts to break-up a couple through rumors and falsehoods. In the past, rumors of cheating would probably spread by word-of-mouth but today the rumor mill can be augmented through the devious use of online sites and technology.

If you are facing false accusations and personal attacks online, you likely want the attacks to be removed as soon as possible. Depending on their nature, you may even want to explore additional legal options including holding the individual poster accountable. The Internet defamation removal attorneys of Meyers Roman Friedberg & Lewis, LPA, can fight to remove offending content. We are confident in our abilities and guarantee removal or we will return your fee. To schedule a free and confidential online defamation removal consultation call us at 216-831-0042 or arrange for a meeting online.

Problems with’s approach to User-Generated Content

There are numerous problems with’s approach to being a user-generated cheater reporting website. While the website claims to “…Catch Them Wherever They Hide!” The simple fact is that the site’s lack of certain processes, explanations and controls make false reporting and abuse of the platform significantly more likely.

To start, use of the platform does not even require the creation of an account linked to an e-mail address. While an account linked to social media profiles is a more significant deterrent to false and defamatory postings, the creation of an account should be a bare minimum.

Unfortunately, the site does not engage in these measures to deter abuse of the platform and users are free to submit reports without linking them to social media accounts.Tips for how to get false, defamatory or negative posts from

Another issue with’s approach to user-generated alleged cheater reporting is that the site fails to provide users with guidelines regarding the types of content that can and cannot be posted.

For instance, sites should never allow certain personally identifiable information to be posted online such as Social Security numbers, medical information and financial information. Likewise, threats and encouraging other to do harm to the subject of the attack along with posted phone numbers and addresses should be prohibited. Unfortunately, the site does not appear to take any of these steps to protecting private information.

An additional problem is that does not have a post removal policy. Many sites of this type provide removal information for individuals who are being attacked or subjected to danger due to another person’s posting. In fact, there does not even appear to be an easily accessible – or any – means to contact a person who can explore removal options or problems with the site.

These oversights not only make it more difficult to remove improper and defamatory postings, but also likely encourage individuals with a malicious purpose to use the site for their own ends.

Work with an Internet Defamation Removal Attorney to Remove Attacks from

The lack of clear content policies or guidance regarding potential methods of removal means that individuals may struggle to justify their removal request.

Furthermore, the lack of contact information may even make it impossible to communicate this removal request to a responsive agent or owner for the site.

When faced with difficult circumstances like these, it is often best to work with an Internet defamation removal attorney who is experienced in handling matters of this type. Aaron Minc can provide a full accounting of your legal options including getting the content removed and potentially working to hold the individual poster liable for his or her statements.

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