OpenTable is one of the premier online destinations for foodies to share their opinion and create restaurant reviews regarding an array of dining establishments.

Restaurants including diners, food trucks, family-friendly establishments, and five-star white glove service establishments are reviewed and rated on the site. However, the appeal of the site extends far beyond foodies and also includes members of the general public who are simply attempting to narrow down their choices for a fun and enjoyable place to dine.

Unfortunately, certain reviewers attempt to take advantage of the OpenTable platform to serve their own ends. In other cases, rival business owners may exploit the platform to benefit their business at the expense of your own. Business owners know that online reviews can significantly affect their business and bottom-line. Therefore, allowing others to post false and negative reviews about your establishment cannot go unaddressed.

One option you may have to handle false and defamatory reviews is to get the restaurant reviews removed so that potential customers never see them. However, getting fake reviews removed can be a complex process.

Aaron Minc, an Internet defamation removal lawyer at Meyers Roman Friedberg and Lewis LPA, may be able to help your business remove defamatory postings. We are confident in our ability to remove defamatory content and will refund your fee if we are unable to secure a removal. To schedule a free and confidential consultation call us at 216-831-0042 or schedule a meeting online.

What Kind of Restaurant Reviews Will OpenTable Remove from Its Site?

OpenTable presents issues for business owners who are attacked unfairly by anonymous reviewers. Unfortunately, OpenTable site policies allow a reviewer to remain anonymous unless the reviewer chooses to identify him or herself. Unfortunately, this sense of anonymity can lead reviewers to take certain liberties with their reviews that can unfairly impact a business.

Thankfully, OpenTable is willing to remove reviews under certain circumstances. However, you must be able to prove that the content meets the criteria for removal. Working with an experienced Internet defamation removal attorney can help you gather and submit the evidence you need to remove a post swiftly. Situations where a removal may be appropriate include:

  • The reviewer did not dine at the restaurant – OpenTable requires reviews to be “authentic” one scenario where a review would not be considered authentic is when the reviewer did not actually visit and eat at the establishment. This can happen for an array of reasons. In some cases, the reviewer may have simply made a mistake. In other scenarios, the reviewer may be engaging in a negative advertising campaign against the establishment.
  • The reviewer attempted to blackmail or extort the establishment – It is an unfortunate aspect of human nature that certain people will abuse any power they are given including the power of an online review. Some people may believe that their status and power as a reviewer entitles them to free products and preferential service. Reviews of this type may be able to be removed provided that proof of the blackmail can be provided.
  • The review violates privacy concerns – Reviews that identify the name and other personal information of owners and staff members may be removed from the site. Likewise, the disclosure of private phone numbers or a home address of an individual associated with the restaurant may also be grounds for removal.
  • The review is offensive or encourages illegal activity – Reviews that are personal attacks, obscene, or encourage illegal actions against the restaurant are likely to be removable. If the review simply calls the owner or staff members thieves or crooks or makes baseless accusations the post may be removable.
  • The review is no longer relevant – OpenTable normally expires reviews that are old or considered no longer relevant. However, if you have engaged in renovations or other actions that may render a review moot, you may be able to secure a removal. Extensive proof of the actions you have taken should be provided when submitting a removal request of this type.

The above represents only a selection of the reasons why you may be able to get a false or defamatory restaurant review removed from OpenTable. There are a number of other reasons that can potentially justify a removal that can be discussed in a private consultation with an experienced attorney. Furthermore, an experienced internet defamation lawyer can also discuss other potential legal options you may have including the possibility of holding the individual malicious poster liable for the damage he or she caused.

Remove Defamatory OpenTable Restaurant Reviews with an Internet Defamation Removal Lawyer

At Meyers Roman Friedberg and Lewis LPA, our Internet defamation removal lawyers understand the damage that false negative reviews can cause. Our attorneys are dedicated to getting defamatory reviews removed as quickly as possible and limiting the damage they can cause. To schedule a free, no-obligation initial consultation call (216) 373-7706 or schedule a meeting online.


How can you remove false restaurant reviews on Open Table?