While TripAdvisor is an imperfect user review platform, it is considered by many travelers to be an indispensable part of their pre-trip research and planning. There are numerous problems with the platform including the fact that reviewers are not verified as having stayed at a hotel or patronizing other types of establishments including restaurants and attractions. This fact alone can invite fake reviews. Other problems can exist on any travel review platform including overly particular guests, those who have unreasonable expectations and reviewers who attempt to extort or blackmail a business with their power to leave a negative review.

Despite these facts, potential customers still have confidence in TripAdvisor and trust the platform to be used as part of their decision-making process. As long as consumers continue to trust TripAdvisor, business owners will need to address the problems created by fake and defamatory reviews.

The Internet defamation removal lawyers of Meyers Roman Friedberg & Lewis LPA may be able to represent your business and remove the defamatory posts. We are confident in our ability to remove Internet defamation and guarantee removal of the offending review or reviews or we will return your fee. To schedule a free, no-obligation consultation call 216-831-0042 or contact us online today.

TripAdvisor May Remove Reviews When The Review Violates Site Content Guidelines

If you can prove that a review is in violation of TripAdvisor’s content guidelines, you may be able to secure a removal. However, simply claiming that a review violates the site’s policy is rarely sufficient to secure a removal. In most cases, you will need to engage in the company’s content removal procedures and supply sufficient evidence that the review violates a site rule or policy. Posts that may be deemed to be in violation of the content policy and removed for this reason include:

  • Posts that are not relevant – Posts that are not relevant may include posts that are personal attacks, concern the politics of the business owner, concern religion, or other aspects of the business that other travelers would not find useful.
  • Biased reviews – Biased reviews can include negative reviews by owners or those who are affiliated with other competing properties. The difficulty here is that you must prove the identWill TripAdvisor allow you to remove false or defamatory reviews? ity of the poster and show that they have a conflict of interest. An experienced Internet defamation removal attorney is often integral to proving these facts.
  • Secondhand information – Reviews need to be based on firsthand information and experiences. Posts that are mere hearsay do not constitute valid reviews and may be subject to removal.
  • Your business is being extorted by a reviewer — Some reviewers believe that their power to review companies grants them the right to demand free products and services. Many will threaten to leave a negative review or multiple negative reviews. Dealing with a situation like this requires documentation and careful handling for TripAdvisor to remove the review.
  • The review was commercial in nature – Some businesses engage in stealth advertising and guerilla marketing campaigns where a marketer poses as a reviewer. Commercial advertisements may be removable from the site provided that you can prove that the review is actual an advertisement.

The above represents only a selection of the reasons why TripAdvisor may agree to remove a review. Working with an Internet defamation removal attorney can inform you of your full range of removal options.

TripAdvisor May Also Remove Reviews When You Can Prove A Major Renovation

TripAdvisor may also review certain negative reviews after a hotel or another property undergoes a major renovation or refurbishment. The site says that it does this to provide properties with a “clean slate.” However, you must prove that the renovation occurred and it would be wise to specify the full range of reviews that would be rendered out of date and inaccurate by the reviews. Your word is, unfortunately, not sufficient to prove that the work occurred. Generally, you must be able to provide an official, notarized proof that work occurred and that the work constituted a “major renovation.”

Work With Aggressive And Strategic Internet Defamation Removal Lawyers

If your business is being attacked by malicious reviewers with false, inaccurate and defamatory reviews  on review sites such as TripAdvisor, you may be able to protect your hotel, restaurant, or attraction’s reputation by removing the defamatory reviews. To schedule a free, no-obligation initial consultation call (216) 373-7706 or schedule a meeting online.