Mugshot Removal: How to Remove Mugshots From Google

By Aaron Minc | Mugshots

Mar 19
How can you remove mugshots from online websites?

Have you recently searched your name on Google and found that several websites pop up with your mugshot on them?

An article recently published by the ABA Journal highlights just how embarrassing and harmful it can be to your reputation if your picture winds up on a website like,, or

In the article, a Florida criminal defense attorney (who specializes in DUI defense, among others things) wound up with his mug shot on several Internet mug shot sites after he was arrested for a drunken driving incident that also involved a hit-and-run.

To make matter worse, a Google advertisement for the attorney’s law firm was prominently displayed next to his mug shot. It did not take long for this ironic juxtaposition to wind up on national news and gossip websites like Gawker.

Although individuals should be punished for their mistakes, at some point people should not be haunted by their past forever. This is especially true if the charges for an alleged crime are dropped, a person is found not guilty, or a record regarding the crime is sealed or expunged. The ABA article is just one real example of how much a person’s personal and professional reputation can be damaged if immediate action is not taken to remove this type of content from the Internet.

If you are a currently being victimized by having your picture appear on a mug shot website, an experienced Internet attorney may be able to completely remove the unwanted pictures and posts. Contact Aaron Minc the law firm of Meyers Roman Friedberg & Lewis, LPA at (216) 831-0042 or Contact Us today if you have questions about this process and would like one of our experienced Internet attorneys to help you.

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Dean Sims II 3 years ago

Aaron, while your article addresses the rights of individuals with arrest records, what rights to I have if an individual with the same name or using my name as an alias has an arrest record that comes up when my name is searched on Google? To a person that does not know me, it may be difficult to determine that these images do not accurately depict me, thus slandering my own online reputation. If it is blackmail/extorsion for the arrested party to pay to have them removed, then what are my legal rights when I have neither been arrested ever in my life nor done anything deserving of such association? Your e-mail reply is greatly welcomed and appreciated!

Dean Sims II

bashir Thompson 3 years ago

The charges aganist me was dismissed. And i called mugshots. Com to find how could. I get my mugshot removed and they told me. It will cost me 300 dollars to have it removed

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