May 12, 2017,
Fast, efficient and effective. Couldn't be happier with the results and service I received.

May 11, 2017,
I could not be happier with my decision to retain Aaron. I came to Aaron with a very sensitive issue that had plagued me for years. I wasn't sure that anything could be done about it, but after countless anxiety filled sleepless nights I decided I had to at least try. During our first consultation, it became clear to me that Aaron was the right lawyer for my case. He was very easy to talk to, extremely knowledgeable, sharp, and immediately understood the sensitivities and complexities of my particular case. Rather than take a cookie cutter approach, Aaron was both thoughtful and creative, and tailored his strategy and efforts around the sensitivities of my issues. Within a few weeks, online material that had haunted me for years was down. I could not have been happier, and to this day I feel relieved knowing it's finally gone. I would recommend Aaron to anyone seeking a defamation lawyer.

May 11, 2017,
Very professional, courteous, and kind. They swiftly took action and completely resolved the matter! Thank you!

Apr 17, 2017,
The situation I was going through was very detrimental to my professional life as well as my social life. Aaron and his team handled it with a sense of urgency and was able to help when no one else would. I highly recommend hiring them for any online defamation cases.

Apr 14, 2017,
Aaron and his team could not be more buttoned up and professional. They handled my needs rapidly and completely and I will not hesitate to use him again when the need arises. Furthermore, their rates are fair and the value exceeded my expectations. Thank you Aaron, and team!

Apr 10, 2017,
Great work and extremely fast results!

Apr 9, 2017,
Aaron and his team were wonderful to work with and they got the results I desired, very quickly. I highly recommend Aaron!

Apr 8, 2017,
Excellent work!!! Completely pleased!!

Apr 6, 2017,
Aaron was responsive and helpful. He is well connected and was able to help me work through my sensitive issue without judgement.

Mar 31, 2017,
I am pleased with my experience with Attorney Minc and would recommend him to others.

Mar 27, 2017,
Really great and professional

Mar 24, 2017,
Highly focused, highly effective.

Mar 22, 2017,
Aaron, I was extremely satisfied with your help in what was a very unjust event. My situation involved a false arrest followed by humiliating and damaging news articles. Though the courts dismissed my case and ordered my records expunged, several large law firms and well-known reputation sites told me that a total removal of news articles would be impossible. You and your firm’s approach however was successful! A big part of my life has been restored through your services, and I have been able to move forward successfully in both my career and personal life. Just as important, I trust you and your firm. You made me feel valued, and assured me, without making superficial promises, that you would do all you could to rectify the situation. Thank you!

Mar 19, 2017,
Great representation, definitely recommend.

Mar 13, 2017,
Aaron provided terrific representation. He did everything that he said he was going to do in a well thought out and professional manner. I highly recommend him.

Mar 9, 2017,
Aaron's professional legal work on our behalf was exceptional. He was able to cut through the red tape that obstructed our own attempts to clear our good name. On many occasions, he was able to negotiate with various web sites and review sites to remove inaccurate and unfair reviews by customers who were using the review sites to defame or extort us. I recommend his services with no reservation.

May 12, 2017,
I performed a Google search to locate an attorney that would remove a nasty blog my ex-boyfriend posted all over the internet about me. The blog damaged my reputation and mentally destroyed me. Once I contacted Aaron Minc's office they were able to remove the blog in less than 48 hours! I feel as if I have my life back. It was a sigh of relief. My experience with this was absolutely the best I have ever experienced. The paralegal and the attorney were courteous, prompt, efficient, and just out right OUTSTANDING! I was extremely skeptical, because there are a lot of scammers that advertise services but never deliver. I am so grateful that this was NOT a scam. My peace of mind is priceless. I can't thank you guys enough! I don't have to worry about my children or their friends reading awful things on the internet about me. This wouldn't have been possible if I didn't make that phone call. Thank you so much Aaron Minc and Associates. May God Bless your business continuously!

May 5, 2017,
Great service and very fast! Highly recommend!

May 2, 2017,
Loved the service and what they did for me. Very much appreciated.

Apr 17, 2017,
Professional reaches a new level. They reversed an issue that was potentially very dangerous to my career. It was untrue, and they moved swiftly and efficiently to remove the libelous slander a disgruntled employee posted about me. The story was so ridiculous and scandalous, I'm almost feeling that maybe my life is simply too boring! But, joking aside, they were fabulous, and did all they promised.

Apr 14, 2017,
Aaron was very easy to work with and kept us informed each step of the way.

Apr 13, 2017,
Excellent work. Good communication, fast, and effective. Thanks again.

Apr 12, 2017,
Mr. Minc and his staff were courteous, professional, reasonable and most importantly effective. My issue was resolved in just a few days. I've recommended Mr. Minc to every small business owner I know.

Apr 3, 2017,
Out of all the attorneys that “specialize” in defamatory information removal, Mr. Aaron Minc was the only one that offered the solution: actual removal of the content, not just “masking” it by flooding the Internet with other information. He was also very efficient and successful: the actual defamatory content was successfully removed within 1 week. There was still a lot of “cleaning up” to do afterwards and Mr. Minc offered his assistance and guidance every step of the way. Mr. Minc was always very understanding, patient and courteous with me. I would highly recommend Mr. Minc to anyone who is looking to remove negative content off of Internet. I am extremely thankful for his great job! A huge part of my life has been reinstated and I have been able to move forward successfully in my career and my personal life. Thank you Mr. Minc and your team!

Mar 29, 2017,
We were very happy with the work that was preformed by Aaron MInc for us. We found him very professional and provided excellent results.

Mar 25, 2017,
Aaron is the best!!

Mar 24, 2017,
Very efficient, did perform as per agreement and reached the goal

Mar 21, 2017,
When I started my defamation case with Aaron, I had no idea what was going on or how to fix it. Fast forward to today, and the defamation has been removed and the culprit has been identified. I feel like he is proficient at identifying applicable laws and managing the complex issues involved with defamation.

Mar 16, 2017,
Very professioal excellent work with quick results.

Mar 13, 2017,
I think they did a great job and would definitely use their services again.They were kind and understanding even to the most private of affairs..Thank you so much.

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